Unlocking Grant - Winning Potential

A creative grant application is an application that utilizes innovative approaches to showcase the project and make it stand out from the rest. It goes beyond the typical dry applications by embracing authentic concepts. It leaves a lasting impression on a company and captivates their imagination, taking them on an engaging journey throughout your project proposal.

However, submitting a creative and innovative proposal grant is often not enough to be successful. What elements are lacking in order to enhance the potential for winning a grant? How can you engage the attention of the grant creator and distinguish yourself from others? Discover the answers by delving into this blog.


To clarify any confusion or potential overwhelm, let me provide you with a perfect example. Allow me to introduce Koen, a previous recipient of Infinity Labs Grant and why his winning proposal - Visions Game, was a hit from the start!

Koen is one of Infinity Labs OG. We highly value his talent, creativity, and dedication to his craft. His exceptional skills as an artist and Web3 game builder have consistently captivated audiences and inspired fellow community members. As an active community member and scene holder, Koen has contributed significantly to the growth of our community of creatives.

He developed this Web3 Guessing Game called 'Visions Game,' where the player is challenged to guess which Scenes From the Solverse are being described by the Google Vision tag. But what made this project a successful grant?

"He tailored his application to suit the specific grant he applied for." How?
1. Research the organization

Before starting to design your grant application, research the organization. Find out their history, values, and goals. Then, you need to explore their background, mission and the causes they prioritize. By understanding their visions, you can craft a personalized and captivating application that resonates with them.

As an Infinity Labs OG, Koen gained an understanding of the project’s vision and created an application that is tailored, engaging, and aligns harmoniously with its values. Furthermore, Koen owns an Infinity Labs Scene and has previously written lore for the community.

2. Know what the grantmaker wants

This is crucial. Allocate time and effort to understand the preferences of the grant creators. Gain insights into the organization’s motivations for providing funding and strive to align your proposal with its goals, as mentioned before.

Koen successfully integrated Scenes From the Solverse into the game itself, incorporating up to 1111 scenes. This creative approach greatly aided in familiarizing people with Infinity Labs Scenes From the Solverse scenes. One standout feature of the game was the "Guess the Scene Visions" game, which allowed users to explore scenes they may not have encountered previously.

3. Take a look closely at your proposed idea

Evaluate whether your proposal contributes to advancing the organization's mission and creatively builds upon its existing work. You may ask yourself if it will benefit the community and improve the ecosystem as a whole.

Koen’s proposal showcased a clear understanding of how it could build upon the existing Infinity Labs Universe. Additionally, there is potential for further development of the game to incorporate more elements from Solverse like Realms.

4. Use compelling language

The choice of words should facilitate the effective communication of your aspirations and what the project hopes to achieve. Utilize a tone that invites the grant creator to feel a sense of responsibility to contribute to the vision. Engage the reader by creating a sense of urgency that convinces them of your project's fitness.

Koen’s proposal presented a clear plan, describing in detail what it intended to create and the deliverables it would provide. The timeline for the project was also clearly outlined and shows capability to deliver on the proposed budget through various means.

5. Be more creative

Differentiate from other applications by breaking away from conventional approaches (e.g. bullet-pointed lists and passive language) by being more creative and incorporating graphics, videos, or other multimedia elements to effectively communicate your message and breathe life into your proposal. Visuals will increase the likelihood of your proposal standing out and attracting attention.

Koen provided prototypes and visuals that effectively conveyed his ideas and showcased the progress he had made thus far. Result? The game's visual design is striking and visually appealing!

6. Establish relationship

Identify the individuals responsible for managing the grant programs. If possible, engage in conversations with them, ask relevant and helpful questions, and establish a relationship. Building a rapport with grant creators can place you in the driver's seat and help you gain an edge over your competitors.

Koen established connections with the team and actively engaged in the community. Furthermore, he is positively contributing and offering assistance to others.

7. Ask feedback and questions

Do not hesitate to request feedback on your proposal. Always welcome criticisms and think of it as a way to improve something. Actively participate in the community and engage in conversations in social media platforms like Twitter and Discord. Seek every opportunity to know and learn more.

Koen is a Twitter follower, regularly visiting the Discord platform, and always participating in our community engagement. He took the initiative to ask questions and seek feedback on his proposal.

8. Learn from past grant recipients

Analyze previously awarded grants to gauge the strength of your application. Investigate the projects that were previously funded and determine the reasons behind their selection.

Fun fact: The game offers an enjoyable experience with the added feature of competitive gameplay among friends. All of these and a lot more made Visions Game stand out!

Try and play the Visions Game here - https://visionsgame.infinitylabsnft.com/

Show some love and give @KoenRijpstra a follow!

Another grant recipient is from @AtlasTheorySA who created this captivating audio adventure titled "FIVE," drawing inspiration from the Scenes From the Solverse collection. This immersive experience invites listeners to embark on a narrative-driven journey into the depths of the Solverse, skillfully woven together through storytelling, engaging dialogue, immersive sound effects, and enchanting music.

Listen to FIVE here (edited amazingly by Will):



Now is the moment to make your project stand out from the rest. We don’t necessarily mean to replicate Koen's proposal or make another web3 game, the crucial point is that crafting a visionary proposal aligned with the organization's preferences and values will significantly enhance your chances of securing a grant. Additionally, your proposal should focus on benefiting the community and delivering substantial positive effects to the organization you are seeking the grant from. Unleash your inner artist today and make the most of your creative grant application!

Infinity Labs Creative Application Grant Wave 2 has been extended until July 31! If you wish to apply for up to 1000 USDC, click on the link below.

Application Form: https://t.co/JuQsvmkn8v

Read our Creative Grant Application guide here: https://infinitylabsnft.com/grants

For more updates and any concerns, engage with us at:

Discord: https://discord.gg/qQuxKrtC

Twitter: https://twitter.com/infinitylabsnft


No matter which grants you are currently seeking or if you are interested in collaborating, Infinity Labs Fam will always root for you. If you find this article helpful, feel free to reach out and let us know by sending a message. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Alternatively, you may suggest any topics within Solverse that pique your interest and that you would like to learn more about.

Stay Empowered, Explorers! Thanks for reading.

Note: This content is not intended for promotion nor providing financial advice. This is for educational purposes only.

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