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A vast universe filled with magical creatures, landscapes, and worlds. A global community of creatives.

The first-ever full collection that has been sent to the International Space Station (ISS).

We are the first collect-and-merge collection to unlock animated artwork & music on-chain, built to ignite creative escape.

All final pieces, which are achieved by merging 8 timelines of the same scene, officially carry a "space" attribute because they were sent to the International Space Station and deep space in December 2022 as part of Dreambound M1.
We are also excited to have supported and continue to support many community-led creative projects that build on top of the Infinity Labs universe, including games, audio adventures, galleries, and community-driven canon lore. We have a community wiki of with over 1000 pages and 5k+ edits with contributors from all over the world.


Verified scenes are listed on major marketplaces on Solana.
Co-Founder | Infinity Labs

Meet Infinity Eve

Eve is a founder, engineer and artist. Eve Co-Founded Infinity Labs, an OG interactive art project of 1111 unique NFT scenes built to ignite creative escape using animation and AI.

After a surprise cancer diagnosis, Eve aims to build things that can outlive her.

In December 2022, Infinity Labs pieces and community stories were sent to Space & the International Space Station. This was in collaboration with Dreambound Orbital and commercial space partners at the International Space Station, as well as partners like the Solana Foundation, Metaplex, Magic Eden, Opensea, Brave, RNDR Network, World of Women, Randi Zuckerberg and more.
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