Intro: Infinity Academy’s Mission

I started my NFT journey when I came across a job application online and I saw that it was for an NFT company. I got curious so I applied for the job. At that time, I literally didn’t have any idea about what an NFT company does.

Fortunately, I got hired as an Admin associate. I was new to the business and I always doubted myself if I could actually build a career in this industry at first. Weeks turned into months, and my uncertainty became a fascination.

I came across a few people that are truly inspiring. One of them is Jose, we know him as ZeSSK or Jojocryptoquest. He was also a lawyer. He joined Infinity Labs NFT as a community member/loremaster then landed a full-time lore role at StarAtlas!

I felt his passion and dedication listening to his talk on one of Infinity Labs Twitter Spaces, How to Build a World from Scratch. Jose’s journey is one of many success stories that remind us everyone can be successful in their own purpose in life.

It's been more than a year now and I'm actually doing great - still far from being an expert but learning something one step at a time. Being part of a community of builders and creators made a huge impact on my growth in this industry.

Most days I wonder about the people who want to make an identity in the NFT and Web3 world too. That's when I realized that this platform is my chance to educate others about what I learned so far - through my own exploration, self-experience, and learnings.

I've prepared some helpful guides - A series of contents I wish I'd learned prior to shifting to this career. Limitless opportunities and possibilities they can create and learn other than their normal routine job.

Every Explorer may have a different interest but most have the same goal. Though thriving in a community might be a challenge, accepting failures and coming out stronger is all that matters. I'm grateful to be part of something where you all can come together, collaborate, and make a difference.

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