Brief Intro to AI Art

Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) in NFT World

Gaining a complete understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t easy. There are lots of inaccuracies and myths about the reality of AI. At first, I thought that the main purpose of AI and why it continues to evolve is to replace human jobs and create a complete revolution of work in the foreseeable future. As it turns out, AI is most definitely going to become a part of our lives in many ways but will not be capable of surpassing humans.

As we move further into the 21st century we are gradually building our world around technology learning. In this blog, I hope that I’ll be able to answer some of those questions and teach you more about the potential of AI and how it can improve our daily life, and why NFT creators are so excited about its evolution?

Let’s start from the beginning, What is AI?

Artificial intelligence refers to a non-human model that is capable of solving sophisticated tasks and performing cognitive functions like learning, problem solving, reasoning and perceiving. In other words, AI makes use of computer technologies to try and mimic human intelligence.

This technology has seen massive leaps forward and the most promising trend right now is the integration of artificial intelligence within NFTs. They’re called AI NFT. This type of  NFT, is not only intelligent but comes with other properties like animation, interactivity and many other generative capabilities that are still emerging.

What is an AI-Generated NFT?

AI-generated NFTs are incredibly unique digital collectibles created with the use of AI software. With this type of software, users can generate artwork from a prompt such as text or an image. To put it simply, AI-generated NFTs are artworks that have been created through the utilization of artificial intelligence.

Brief history of AI NFT

Since the earliest pictures found on cave walls, human creativity alone has driven art's history. Inspired humans using hand-held tools, musical instruments or paintbrushes - generated all manner of art throughout recorded history.

In 2015, Google released DeepDream, which uses a Neural Network as an experimental approach to AI art, further advancing the field. The Generative Adversarial Network, also known as GAN, is an intuitive explanation of the revolutionary AI concept. It has shown tremendous capability and potential in the machine learning world to create realistic-looking images and videos. The Neural network is the heart of the GAN. It is the algorithm responsible for generating the images.

The first mover of injecting artificial intelligence capabilities into NFTs has been Alethea AI, a Mark Cuban-funded project, which allows users to embed AI animation, interaction, and voice synthesis in June 2021. Its unique AI protocol “gives creators around the world a mechanism to create interactive and intelligent NFTs, build communities and intellectual property around their favorite characters.”

XANA introduced Genesis, the first AI-powered NFT collection in the brand-new realm of virtual existence in July 2022. 10,000 unique avatars with a Japanese anime look are included in the collection. It was created in response to the desire for customized avatars for the metaverse.

How are AI NFTs different from traditional NFTs?

NFTs Meet AI: Revolutionizing Digital Creativity in Technology

AI NFTs bring generative evolution into play and offers a platform for experimentation and many more outcomes can be expected as the technology evolves. Injecting AI capabilities into NFTs, represents a new technological that extends to many capabilities.

How can AI benefits NFT?

1. It can enhance NFTs’ uniqueness by creating infinite variations and combinations based on the original design or concept.

2. It can personalize NFTs by adding features that reflect the owner’s preferences, history, or behavior.

3. It can detect new trends and reach new audiences and real-time reaction.

Here are some AI art shared by our creative community:

Don’t forget to drop yours!

What are AI NFT Creator Apps or Art Generators?

An AI NFT generator is a type of software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate digital artwork. It is becoming increasingly popular as they allow users to quickly and easily generate high-quality images with minimal effort. Additionally, many AI NFT generators come with built-in features that allow users to customize their artwork, such as adding text or changing colors.

When it comes to selecting the best AI-powered NFT creator app and art generator for your needs, ensure that the application is user-friendly and evaluate its editing capacity.

Popular AI NFT generator recommendations to use:

1. DALL·E 2
2. Midjourney
3. AutoMinter
4. HotPot
5. StarryAI
6. NightCafe


On a personal note, I learned to appreciate AI more as I came across Infinity Labs’ Scenes from the Solverse NFT collection - an interactive project of thousand unique art pieces using animation and AI. Those NFTs are not your ordinary art! Those are one-of-a-kind animations that maybe unlocked by merging scenes or "timelines". Infinity Labs continue to value AI thru engagements and utilizing Midjourney Bot in our Community Discord - even released a quick guide video on Twitter recently.

Check out this amazing video tutorial:

AI NFTs are already providing a glimpse into what the future of blockchain technology can achieve together and bring interactivity changes to the content creation dynamic. The evolution of the online world will lead us all to more interactive and digital experiences. AI art is not meant to replace traditional art forms but to coexist with them and offer new forms of creativity and innovation. Found this in Twitter a couple days ago and it blew my mind!

AI-generated QR code meets Augmented Reality:
Follow @XRarchitect and check out his awesome creations!

What AI art generator app you find interesting or would want to learn more? Feel free to send me a message so we can discuss it further next time.

Thanks for reading! Stay empowered, Explorers!

Note: The content is not intended for promotion nor providing financial advise. This is for educational purposes only.

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