Infinity Builder Community + Infinity Grants:

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The Infinity Labs community is full of extraordinarily talented individuals. So, we've come up with this initiative for creators and those who wish to build within the Infinity Labs Universe.

Whether you're an artist, developer, gamer, events coordinator, writer, creative/builder of any kind, or just interested in learning and helping, solo or in a group, you're more than welcome to join.

Up to $1000 USD is up for grabs for people that want to develop in our ecosystem.

As a bonus, some of these creations were also sent to the International Space Station as part of #DreamboundM1.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Submission of deadlines have been extended for one more month! The new deadline for submission of application is on July 31st, Monday @ 4 PM EST.

Best of luck, Explorers!
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A Guide to Infinity: Creative Grant Application Wave 2

Hey Explorers,

Writing a Creative Grant application might feel a little overwhelming especially if it is your first time. If you're planning to write a content for your grant proposal, here are some concepts and helpful guides you can follow.

What is Infinity Labs Creative Grant?

This is essentially a recognition award with financial assistance given to artists or creators by Infinity Labs who are looking to support and promote the use of NFTs within our creative community.

Who can apply?

Any creator, founder, or builder who is passionate about advancing the NFT and Web3 space through innovative ideas that will imply a positive impact on Infinity Labs ecosystem is encouraged to apply.

Why should you seek an NFT creative grant?

It can provide much-needed capital to help you get your creative project off the ground.

It can also be a valuable opportunity to make connections and partnerships.

• It is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to your project’s mission, as reflected by our community’s vision.

It is an investment in positive change that can have a powerful impact on the future of Infinity Labs NFT and our creative community.

What are we looking for?

Explorers who are dedicated to establishing value of Infinity Labs creative goals.

Innovative ideas that will further elevate the artistic vision for Infinity Labs.

A promising program or idea that can run even after the initial resources are gone.

Sincerest intentions and authenticity to build a consistent relationship.

Driving purpose to why the community should join your mission.

Meet the winners of our Creator Grants Wave 1

Contents to include in your grant proposal:

1. Write a strong intro or summary

This is the perfect opportunity to capture our attention and get your foot in the door.

2. Introduce yourself and your creative initiative ideas/project

Highlight your experiences and purpose. A successful grant proposal should capture the community’s interest in the proposed project and demonstrate how it can be significant to Infinity Labs. Add your website or pitch links, other social media platforms, and promotional materials to support.

3. State your desired goal/s

The purpose of your project should always be the betterment and advancement of our creative community. Focus on sustainability outcomes that will run on a larger scale and provide promising future.

4. Project design: methods and strategies

Connect to your objectives. How you will encourage strong and meaningful engagement that creates a sense of community empowerment and belonging.

5. Outline a budget

Give some details about how you’ll be using the financial resources. Remember that the maximum fund you can request for your proposal is $1000 and we would like to know how your proposed budget will be accounted.

As one of ours said, "We firmly believe that the best projects in the space are the ones who inspire their communities to build on top of the foundation that’s been laid." We couldn’t agree more. It is only when we take chances and opportunities that we are going to succeed.

Happy writing and stay fueled, Explorers!

Always rooting for you,

Infinity Labs