A vast universe filled with magical creatures, landscapes, and worlds. A global community of creatives.

We are the first collect-and-merge collection to unlock animated artwork & music on-chain, built to ignite creative escape.

The first-ever full collection that has been sent to the International Space Station (ISS).

All final pieces, which are achieved by merging 8 timelines of the same scene, officially carry a "space" attribute because they were sent to the International Space Station and deep space in December 2022 as part of #DreamboundM1.

We are also excited to have supported and continue to support many community-led creative projects that build on top of the Infinity Labs universe, including games, audio adventures, galleries, and community-driven canon lore. We have a community wiki of with over 1000 pages and 5k+ edits with contributors from all over the world.

Founder's  Story: Infinity Eve

“Our goal is to create an infinite legacy that can outlive us.”

"Join us as we forever etch this world onto the blockchain.
We are infinite."